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16Bit Temperature and Humidity

Humidity Transducer AM-2302 Humidity Transducer AM-2322 Humidity Transducer AM-2320
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The digital sensor-family from Aosong comprise the models AM2302, AM2320 and AM2322. In one compact housing a capacitive humidity sensor element is combined with an A/D-converter, a digital data processing and a serial communication interface. Beside a high resolution (0.1%RH, 0.1°C) and a low hysteresis a key feature is the factory calibration of each sensor.

For an easy system integration and a reliable signal transmission the communication can be configured in single bus mode or a standard I2C-interface with checksum.
Small size, low power consumption, fast response and an excellent long-term stability make these sensors ideal for application in home and consumer products, industrial control and the Internet of Things "IoT".
Temperature- / Humdity-Sensors AM-2302, AM-2320, AM-2322 are RoHS compliant.

Technical Specification:
Model Nr. Single
I²C Dimensions [mm] Supply Current
(Idle State)
AM-2302 Single-Wire 25.3x15.4x7.8 300 (15) μA 0.1-99.9%RH -40 - 80°C
AM-2320 Single-Wire I2C 15.0x12.1x4.5 350 (10) μA 0.1-99.9%RH -40 - 80°C
AM-2322 Single-Wire I2C 11.3x7.8x4.0 200 (10) μA 0.1-99.9%RH -40 - 80°C
DHT 11
(8 Bit)
Single-Wire 16.1x12.6x6.0 300 (60) μA 20-95%RH 0 - 50°C

Pinning, Bottom View:
Humidity Bottom View
Pin AM-2320 / AM-2322 AM-2302 / DHT-11
1 VDD, 3.5 - 5.5VDC
2 SDA, Serial Data, Tri-State
3 GND Non Connected
4 SCL, Clock, Tri-State GND

Detailed datasheet and pricing on request
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