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16 Bit Temperature and Humidity

Humidity Transducer AM-2302 Humidity Transducer AM-2322 Humidity Transducer AM-2320
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  • The digital sensor family from Aosong comprise the models AM2302, AM2320 and AM2322. In one compact housing a capacitive humidity sensor element is combined with an A/D-converter, a digital data processing and a serial communication interface. Beside a high resolution (0.1%RH, 0.1°C) and a low hysteresis a key feature is the factory calibration of each sensor.

    For an easy system integration and a reliable signal transmission the communication can be configured in single bus mode or a standard I2C-interface with checksum.

    Small size, low power consumption, fast response time and an excellent long-term stability make these sensors ideal to maintain a healthy office environment and optimized greenhouse conditions. Further applications, either as stand alone or as part of the Internet of Things "IoT", include the dew point control for storage and production rooms. Competitive prices allow the integration in consumer and home products.

  • The temperature / humdity sensors AM2302, AM2320, AM2322 are RoHS compliant.

    The sensor DHT11 ist a simple 8-Bit version, the DHT22 and the AM2302 are identical.

    • Technical Specification, Measurement Range:

  • Model Nr. Single
    I²C Dimensions
    Supply Current
    (Idle State)
    Rel. Humidity
    AM-2302 Single-Wire 25.3x15.4x7.8 300 (15) μA 0.1-99.9%RH -40 - 80°C
    AM-2320 Single-Wire I2C 15.0x12.1x4.5 350 (10) μA 0.1-99.9%RH -40 - 80°C
    AM-2322 Single-Wire I2C 11.3x7.8x4.0 200 (10) μA 0.1-99.9%RH -40 - 80°C
    (8 Bit)
    Single-Wire 16.1x12.6x6.0 300 (60) μA 20-95%RH 0 - 50°C

  • Humidity Bottom View
    • Pinning, Bottom View:

    • Pin AM-2320 / AM-2322 AM-2302 / DHT11
      1 VDD, 3.5 - 5.5VDC
      2 SDA, Serial Data, Tri-State
      3 GND Non Connected
      4 SCL, Clock, Tri-State GND
    • Detailed datasheet, interface timing and pricing on request..
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